CBYA-AL high-speed Aluminum foil gravure printing machine

high-speed Aluminum foil gravure printing machine

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Performance and Characteristics:
1, External release, rolling rack; do not slow down automatic feeding.
2, Multi-independent tension control, automatic control.
3, Optional Shaft / a shaft-mounted version of way.
4, Double-cylinder two-stroke scraping device.
5, The proportion of adjustable hot air circulation system.
6, Qigong embossing systems and pneumatic squeegee system.
7, Longitudinal set of quasi-automatic control, lateral register manual, automatic optional.
8, Pre-registration function; precision pre-register and quickly correct errors.
9, Finally, the same color with the positive and negative printing function.

Printing material:
Soft aluminum foil: 10-40um
Paper: 80g/m the following

Technical parameters:
Printing width: 650mm 
Printing speed: 150m/min (Roller diameter170mm) 
Chromatic error: ≤±0.15mm 
Winding and rewinding diameter: ø600mm ø600mm 
Roller diameter: ø120mm-ø280mm 
成人性爱黄色a片 Total power: 280KW

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