CBYA-F high-speed PE&CPP gravure printing

high-speed PE&CPP gravure printing

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Performance and Characteristics:
1.External keep volumes duplex flip.
2.Four paragraphs floating tension roller automatically import exchange vector inverter motor synchronous control, human-machine interface operation before and after independence.
3.Shaft gas top device.
4.Keep volumes pre-driver automatic synchronization, high-speed non-stop automatic feeding machine, which can greatly reduce the material loss, while unwinding with a volume does not take material reminders.
5.Closed circulating air oven and independent heating, automatic constant temperature system.
6.Pneumatic systems and pneumatic scraping ink stamping systems.
7.Pneumatic diaphragm pump automatic circulation system.
8.Retractable roll up with gas volumes expected axis clamping.
9.Printing speed and mind-meter display, a few meters length alarm.
10.Automatic color system independently configurable microprocessor control unit can be modified quickly and accurately the chromatic deviation, still picture monitoring system.
11.Mechanical speed: 150M/min.

Type of composite substrate materials:
Polyethylene(PE): 40-75µm
Polypropylene film(OPP,BOPP,CPP): 40-75µm
PVC(PVC): 20-65µm
Polyester(PET): 12-60µm
Nylon membrane(PA): 15-60µm

Technical parameters:
Printing width: 850/1050/1250mm
Printing speed: 120m/min
Chromatic error: ≤±0.15mm
Winding and rewinding diameter: ø600mm-ø800mm
Roller diameter: ø120mm-ø300mm
Tension system Seven motor control
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